Abhey Singh
2 min readMay 19, 2021


Comfort in repetition is attachment. Repetition defines our current concept of ownership. Ownership is attachment. Attachment by definition in word is attaching to something not you. There are 2 fundamental errors here, one is to assume your boundaries and in sense the answer to ‘Who am I?’, second is trying to own what is now considered not you.

First I will divide into segments and then I will try to expand and unite by forcing other segments. This force is attachment. Attachment limits one’s freedom of direction and thus it confines. Attachment although happens to both sides, the direction it most commonly goes is outward. It’s to include other in me, rather than let go of yourself and be part of other.

Attachment can never be love, love lies in freedom while attachment lies in restriction. Attachment is a rope to not let it move away, it’s fear.

Attachment is dependence. Dependence is different from co-existence. Dependence here means the one sided dependence. Co-existence is realisation that one exists because of other. That there is not even an option to not depend.

One wants to fill our own loneliness by owning. The more I own the more I will have right….it doesn’t work that way though and the more I own the more fear I will have. It will become impossible to enjoy what is present.

Attachment in the name of love, in the way of protection is the most complex. It relies on survival instinct so it becomes difficult to separate what’s needed and what’s fluff. What’s fundamentally wrong with this is the one protecting will be acting in his/her limited mental scenarios. No 2 leaves are same, even though there is something shared, the actual leaf will unfold when it’s let to it’s own. As said by multiple ways - what is to be will be.

In the most deep way of the word, attachment means being limited in form. The most basic attachment is attachment to human form. That’s the limitation which separates one from infinite. So attachments are not one sided. The entire consciousness of this form is attached or it’s one. This realisation, where one realises what can be known, where the boundary is, where the limitation is, this is the only truth than can be known by mind. This is what can happen by logic when the last attachment to knowing is removed.