Abhey Singh
1 min readMay 21, 2021


The sky so beautiful

so so beautiful

Dance of clouds & light

It’s changing

And every change is beautiful

Like a moving painting

The birds….. their echoes in valley

The distant red cloud of sunset

The dance of trees with wind

Dogs barking

Water falling

A lone bird flying high up

If you think these words know it

That’s not possible

The sound of river

The heart beat

Muscles expanding, relaxing

It’s all dance of consciousness

Dance of me

Dance of everything in me

It’s dance of consciousness felt by attention

Movement of thought

That monkey mind

Where it sits

That tree get lit up

It’s so beautiful though

The entire thing

Tiny lights in distance

Indication of life or life itself

Let’s sit

Just sit


And just be an observer for once

Letting go of the burdens

Just watch



Not with an effort to get something out of it

Just hear the bird

That’s what is called sweetness in sound

These words

Result of thought factory

Both having deep meaning and meaningless

One writes it

One reads it

Human does what human does

Sun does what sun does

Playing the role

Written with others

Freedom lies in togetherness

The realisation

Observing life

What is inside is outside

It’s getting dark

Change of clothes

Alignment of energies