Abhey Singh
1 min readMay 26, 2021


Does love lies in sacrificing yourself or being yourself?

It’s whatever is allowed, love lies in filling the void in other, whether it requires being you or letting go of you

Love lies in dance

Of me with you

When the steps will match each other

No one will be leading and no one will be following

Would you see it as two dancing or one

That’s what is love

We move together, in a perfect union, whenever one slows down, other make it move.

Movement is life, so I is moving with other and other is moving with me. We move again and again to reach the center.

I dissolves not by force but by understanding. When you see it, observe it, know it, it dissolves.

We are attached so it can’t be a solitary action. One is the world he/she projects outwards. By talking to others in the world, one is talking to one’s own parts and moving together. There is a realisation of togetherness.

Conflict happens because of not knowing. There is friction because one doesn’t understand how to be in sync. And to be in sync, we need to know.