Abhey Singh
1 min readMay 25, 2021


How have I arrived here?

One holding the entire human history in mind, the weight of all that is transferred

The words have no value other than to play games with each other

Words, thoughts are supposed to be tools so that the consciousness can keep moving forward

But words uttered in the name of love have become the reason for hate

Parameters are drawn to measure human life

And there is race, stomping on each other, like a zombie we are running on the dead bodies

Titles will be given

‘Richest’ ‘most intelligent’ ‘ sexiest’ ‘powerful’…and the addiction to poison will keep going

In the end it will just be an entry into Wikipedia with words nobody actually cares about

If only we could realise how stupid we are

How meaningless we are

Then we could be stupid together but we are the saviour of the universe

We, who could not answer ‘who we are’, will save that which we are made of


Would you stop being in this stupid race

This way of looking at life with numbers: money, heart rate, google searches, number of followers …….. all numbers

The web we have built is tight though it won’t be easy to get out of this cycle of fear and desire

Till then

All we can do is to move towards night of destruction so that something new comes

Something has to die for something to be born