Life & Now

Abhey Singh
2 min readMay 21, 2021


Why one can’t just sit? Ohhh… it needs money to survive, otherwise who will provide food. For some it might be what the reason is, but if that person is reading this, then surely they have time. Time to not do anything.

For what are you doing this? to do that? Are we playing a never ending game? Do we even know the end game? Do we even understand the game? Game which can be over in a snap? How many do you think have died in the moment you read this? How many is not just of human… that will be really narrow-minded and self-focused of us right. How much in life have died? What will you be doing if this is the last breath? How will you be doing it? The attention focused like a hawk. To live that last moment so that time stops.

Why is one hesitating to do that now? Why is there boundaries in what one sees, how deeply one sees, what one hears, how one hears… hesitation has no role in living. Love happens when one sees without judgement. When one sees a tree just how it is. When the moment in time is experienced just how it is. Can a life bound by time live fully in present?

Why does one passes time? In expectation of a better time. What if this is it. Take it or leave it. And this is it. All we have is present.

But we live like a machine. Time all sold to different owners. Living in anxiety all times… to do something.. fidgeting that leg or hand…feeling that something is missing. We have trapped ourselves so tight that the body remains in tension all times. Any movement can be deadly so nothing is taken lightly. And one cries, cries that one can’t breathe………yet by the same standard we value ourselves, we just write that off as collateral. It’s easy to post facebook messages after then to share the burden of someone now.

Don’t hold yourselves in definitions of what should be. The morality taught as right/wrong will bind you in tight knots. Knots you tie on yourself can’t be untied from outside. We try right… by sex, by adventures, by drugs… to untie it. Does it work? Will increasing the dose will help when it’s not even the cure? First we become like stone of logic, and then we try to feel something so desperately. Love defined by boundaries is not love.