Abhey Singh
3 min readMay 17, 2021

I am because you are. The singer and song exist in each other. The lips are felt on one another. What can not exist in isolation absolutely is love. The bird exist because there is something to land on. It’s being together without any hesitations at all. Its flow of these words from one centre to another without any check post.

Will one let go of layers and come out naked? Not just physically, but mentally. The layers are separating 2 from merging to one. Physical layers are easy to let go and thats all we are able to reach to. Love is not force, its where there is absolute agreement. ‘I’ being ‘I’ will be defined by ‘You’ being ‘You’.

Reading here, if that is reflecting in ‘I’ then its because words can’t reach love. Words are failed attempt to reach the ever-lasting. Its cheap imitation of what is. The meaning of these words is being felt through flow, the texture, of the reader. Love is selfless, like you not there. When one has no will, the will of the universe becomes his/her will.

The sun is light but everything it lights is also light. Everything that is seen is light. And light only exists because there is something to sense it to become ‘see’. This is love, not the judgement that comes after seeing. The judgement that comes, it comes from not knowing ourselves completely. Light exist because dark exist. If the dark goes away who will care anymore if it’s light. The movement of one with other which is zero friction is love. The moment it stops realising being 2.

Sex is a cheap imitation of love. It’s trying to copy an experience. The meaning of the word is result of its repetition in past. Until it is experienced without the mental repetition, it can’t be spontaneous, it can’t be unpredictable, it can’t be honest. Love is knowing there is something which is playing an act in game of ‘sex’. Any act seen without also knowing the person playing the part is partial. And truth is not partial, it exist in being full.

Love is realising that ‘Its not in future’. That ‘I love the one that is… present’, not what you are going to become. It lies in complete acceptance of present. What is, is how it’s supposed to be. There is no other choice. Complete freedom lies in just having ‘no choice’.

Love is not judging you for what you have understood from these words. Words uttered without any expectation is word of ‘love’. When it’s just giving away when required and taking in when required. It’s not force, it’s letting flow what flows.

The deepest meaning of love lies in its not being selective. Love can’t be for someone or something. Love is. Everything when taken to its ends will result in love. In what ‘is’. The rest for all human efforts to handle this ‘is’. My parts play these different roles, sometimes a male/female, Indian/American, young/old, rich/poor, intelligent/stupid…..Love is when the roles are played just by ‘being’. Me existing just as how I am is love. And me existing just as I am is defined by others. So love is in harmony, in co-existence, in being no friction in me being me and you being you.