Life and love

Abhey Singh
2 min readMay 20, 2021


One moves and other moves accordingly. It’s the music of life. What music try to reach, the synchronisation, the harmony, the effort with flow. Realisation of both will and letting go. To reach the highest of what human life can be. To experience life from each cell. What every art try to reach, being one with it.

Human endeavour to realise thought is both the problem and solution. Logic is stair but the direction can’t be known by logic. I can move by thought but where to. How does one realise this question? This is the entire quest of science, philosophy, art, religion.

There is too much out there, how does one realise the real?

The real is real, there are plastic roses with perfect imitation, it might even smell the same, touch the same. The experience can’t be lied to though, with the quest of money fuelled by science, it requires higher sensitivity to know the difference between real and fake.

How does one knows if the backdrop behind a film star is real or fake? With the details in design, it will be difficult to know, but the difference can not be breached. The sun maybe covered by clouds, but the sun is there, it can still be felt by someone sensitive.

Will these words reach or this will also get buried in piles of words?

What is required is action, even if the same word is uttered, the same sentence, the flow will be different, the texture will change, the way conversation flows says a lot. Is there room to stop? Or is it like a continuous flow of judgements? How close and open the word is? Will I let the reader choose the version they are comfortable with even at the cost of me not being the center?

Life is in love. It can be experienced if one is open. If one allows the light to flow through you, the sound to flow through you, the touch to flow through. The boundary will disappear and life will be realised.