Abhey Singh
2 min readMay 18, 2021


Peace is when one stops struggling with oneself.

Does peace means no movement?

It’s not ‘no movement’, it’s a movement where everything is in synchronisation. Everyone is being what everyone is. Everything is playing its role without any conflict of choice.

Is that no choice then?

It is where the concept of choice is not there. I can be anything and I am this. Both of these realisations at same time.

Is peace life or death?

Peace is realising death while living. It’s to face the concept of death with no expectations. Its realising life can not happen without death and death can not happen without life.

Is peace silence?

It’s the silence of one interpreting the signal based on limited memory. It’s letting yourself vibrate in frequency of world.

Peace is when questions end.

Do they end because they got answered?

They ended because even the question is let go while letting go every limitation of self.

Peace is when shields are down. The heart can breathe. Love is there and fear is not.

Peace is realising even if I had to do everything again, I would do it the same way. There is no other way than the way of truth and honesty.

Words are not there, symbols are not there, all products of thought are not there. It lies where thought is not there.

Peace is when there is no tension in parts. Everything is relaxed and at rest with oneself. The tendency to stop the thought is not there and the tendency to move the thought is not there.

Peace is not bounded like time which has a start and end. It’s boundless.

Somebody jumped from space and now he/she has let go of all expectations of what it is going to land on. That moment is peace. Its complete acceptance of the fall. When the choice of life/death has been let go off.

Peace is where nothing and everything is.