Teacher & Student

Abhey Singh
2 min readMay 20, 2021


A student and teacher. The teacher repeated what he/she tells every student. This student understood. The teacher has succeeded yet it can’t know as the teacher has not understood what it is saying. Can the student teach the teacher what the teacher has taught the student? Can the teacher learn that it is no longer the teacher? Can the student and teacher exchange their roles now?

It will require both the student and teacher to shed their limited identities and share openly what is known to each other. What is referred here are the roles, not what is shared. The teacher and student depend on each other for their roles. If both being honest to their roles, both will arrive where what is taught is what is being learnt.

What was known by teacher was not the teacher’s to own. It was result of everything that is part of that teacher being there. It’s entire history, every word read, every visual seen, everything that was food, everything that was air. The teacher will no longer teach if it knows this. It will become student of from where the words came, from where the visuals came….. the infinite or the sunya that gives shapes to everything that is considered known.

When one reaches the state of learning and unlearning, where the thought is not stagnant, what goes up comes down and realises the zero, when the words written are not written with a definite conclusion, what is said is open for anyone to interpret.

Does that mean the doubt, the question lies even in this collection of words?

Yes! most definitely. Acceptance for any reason whether it is authority, belief, greed ….is poison to learning.

What have one learnt which makes one write this, if one is not even sure?

That is what is learnt, that one can’t learn. The limitations of the thought. Of logic. That words here mean only what the reader let them to be.

True learning happens with no assumptions, with no weight of past, when one starts with nothing, thats where creation, learning, creativity lies. These words can be some deep spiritual entertainment, cool thoughts, complex shallow words, or a life changing moment. It all depends on what is taken by reader. If one takes based on past, what will be taken will again be some version of past. The responsibility here is shared between you and me. The meaning lies where both of us are.