Deja Vu

Abhey Singh
1 min readMay 17, 2021


The clouds I see lies in repetition of the concept of cloud over and over in my mind. It’s the result of the entire movement and if one is sensitive the entire moment can be felt again. It’s the sum total of all memory of that word or symbol or icon.

That’s the feeling of déjà vu. Seeing something again. We exist in loops. Loop of past, present, future. The loop of cause-effect. The loop of love and moving on. This entire quest to fill what’s empty. This endless scrolling, this endless writing, the endless wandering to find meaning. Meaning in words is not what we are trying to find here. We have read a lot of words and it’s still empty.

It’s because words are empty, when we get filled up with happiness is when the experience actually fills. Only experience can fill. Experience is present. Life finds its way in death, and death find its way in life. What ‘is’ doesn’t have doubts. It’s live, it’s what you are living in. When you let go of the resistance to not be in present, that’s when realisation of life happens.

Slowly we move.

Towards present

It is what is

Yet one keep finding this doubt

Doubts lie in fear

One is afraid of being

Because one has seen measurements

Of life death, success failure, meaningful meaningless …..

One is getting measured by the measurement one devised for other

A bird afraid of being bird

A love bounded by fears